Today, we’re going to discuss the double entry tab in CRM AI. Within the double entry tab, there are several submenus, including charts of accounts, journal accounts, ledger summaries, balance sheets, and trial balances. Let’s start with the charts of accounts. Here, you can view the code, name, type, balance, and status, and take action on the accounts. If you need to add a new chart of accounts, you simply click on the plus sign, enter the code, account name, type, and description, and then click on “create” to add the details.

Next, we have the journal account, where you can input the journal ID, date, amount, and description. After entering these details, you can click on “create” to generate a new journal entry. The ledger summary and balance sheet will be available once data is added to the dashboard. The balance sheet allows you to select a start date and end date, and upon clicking “apply,” the report will display total liabilities, expenses, income, equity, and assets.

The trial balance and ledger summary will also become available once data is added to the system.

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