Today, we’re going to delve into the pre-sales tab in CRM AI, an essential feature of the MEJ product. Within the pre-sales tab, there are several submenus, including lead, deal, estimation, and form builder. Let’s start with the lead submenu. Here, you can manage leads categorized as draft, sent, declined, or accepted. You can view these leads in both grid and list views and create new leads by providing details such as the lead’s subject, employer, name, email, and phone number.

Moving on to the deal submenu, you can gain an overview of your total deals, including those in initial contact, qualification, waiting, and closed stages. You can also view deals in both list and grid views and create new deals by specifying the deal name, price, client’s details, and phone number.

In the estimation submenu, you can create new estimations by providing client details, issue date, expected date, category, item details, quantity, price, description, and applicable discounts.

Lastly, in the form builder submenu, you can create new forms by adding fields such as name, age, and email. You can then copy the form link to share it with users, view responses, edit or delete the form, and access settings for converting responses to leads and copying the form link.

This comprehensive overview provides insight into the functionalities of the pre-sales tab in CRM AI

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