Explore the projects tab in CRM AI. Within the projects tab, we have submenus such as all projects, tasks, and time sheets. Let’s start with the “all project” submenu. Here, you can access an overview of all projects, including details such as the project title, allocated budget, status, assigned users, completion status, and available actions. You can also create a new project by specifying the project title, category, allocated price, start date, due date, associated lead, client, employees working on the project, status, and description.

Moving on to the “tasks” submenu, you can view project-specific tasks, their status, priority, and date. You can also create new tasks by providing details such as the task title, associated project, section, due date, completion status, assigned member, milestone, and work estimation.

In the “time sheets” submenu, you can create new time sheets by specifying the project, task, user, start date, start time, end date, and end time. This allows for accurate tracking of time spent on specific tasks by users.

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