Today, I’m here to introduce you to CRM AI, a significant feature of an MEJ product. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, which essentially involves building and nurturing relationships with clients to generate more leads and followers. Now, let’s delve into the login page and explore the overview of CRM AI. To access the CRM AI, simply input your login details, including your email and password, and click on the login button. If you don’t have login details, you can click on the register option, and enter your username, full name, and email to create an account. This is how the CRM AI dashboard appears.

The dashboard features the brand logo, user profile, project tasks, messenger, and language options. Moving on to the user profile, it contains personal information such as the user’s name, email, and the option to upload a profile picture. Users can also change their password by entering the current password, specifying a new password, and confirming it. These changes can be saved and applied.

Now, let’s discuss the sidebar, which contains essential menus within CRM AI. These include options such as dashboard, staff, HR, pre-sale, project, project report, items, and more. Each of these menus plays a crucial role in the CRM AI system. This comprehensive set of features makes CRM AI an integral part of the MEJ product

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