Today, we’re going to explore the HR tab in CRM AI, a vital component of the MEJ product. Within the HR tab, there are several submenus, including attendance, holiday, leave, meeting, essay, document, company policy, HR help, and more. These submenus cover a wide range of HR-related functions, from managing attendance to handling complaints and performance evaluations.

Starting with attendance, the system allows for the recording of individual employee attendance, including clock-in and clock-out times, early leave, and other relevant details. Additionally, there’s a provision for managing business trips, where employees can input trip details such as start and end dates, trip focus, country, and description. The system also facilitates the management of promotions, enabling the recording of promotion details, including designation, title, date, and description.

Moving on to complaints, the system provides a platform for registering and managing internal complaints, including details such as the complainant, title, date, description, and subsequent actions. Furthermore, the system allows for the management of warnings and terminations, including details such as termination type, notice date, permission, description, and action.

The performance tab encompasses various aspects such as indicators, appraisals, and goal tracking. Indicators allow for the assessment of targets completed by branches, departments, and designations, while appraisals involve the evaluation of employee targets and overall ratings. Goal tracking enables the creation and monitoring of specific goals for branches, including details such as goal type, start and end dates, and status.

In the training section, the system facilitates the management of training programs, including details such as training type, duration, cost, and employee participation. Additionally, the system allows for the creation and management of trainers, including their basic details and expertise.

This comprehensive overview provides a glimpse into the extensive capabilities of the HR staff tab in CRM AI within the MEJ product.

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